How To use this website place order?

B2B Availability Country

Using the website place order.

  1. Finish Pre-order

    1.1 Chose the item and click purchase button,then click View cart
    1.2 Fill in the quantity-update cart
    1.3 Process checkout & fill in your informations
    1.4 Click place order

  2. Confirm details

    2.1 Check the email from our offical email address:
    2.2 Check the details listed with attached inovice.
    2.3 Send back the confirm email

  3. Finish payment

    3.1 Payment account only send by our offical email address:
    3.2 Finish payment & send us the information
    3.3 After payment deposit, order will release from the system.

  4. Delivery

    4.1 15 days -30 days for regular order.
    4.2 Any holiday will postpone.
    4.3 OEM/ODM delivery will confirm before order.

  5. Order Finished & after

    5.1 Wait for cargo receive.
    5.2 Keep us inform if need any help

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